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Ramsey Home Occupation Survey

  1. Ramsey Home Occupation
    Supplemental Questionnaire
  2. SiteID
  3. 3. Does the (will the) Home Occupation owner live in the home on the property?
  4. 4. Does the Home Occupation owner rent or own the Property?
  5. 5. Will any part of the occupation be conducted in the home?
  6. 8. Will an attached garage or any detached accessory building or garage be used for the occupation?
  7. 9. Will there be at least 400 square feet of garage space reserved for the indoor residential parking and storage related to the residential use on the property?
  8. 10. Will any structural additions or alterations to home or garages be required for this occupation?
  9. 11. Will you employ persons that do not live in the home on the property?
  10. 15. Will any customers or clients come to the Property?
  11. 17. Will any vehicles, other than your private vehicle(s), be used in connection with the home occupation?
  12. 18. Do you intent to store supplies and/or materials on the site?
  13. 19. Are any of the home occupation processes or materials subject to review and permitting by Anoka County Environmental Services?
  14. 20. What is your contact information (the person filling out this form)?
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