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External Communications Survey

  1. Instructions:
    In an effort to gather information regarding the Council's expectations for the City's communication efforts, please complete the following survey by November 17. Responses will be reviewed with management staff and a case will be prepared for the November 24 work session. Answers will be anonymous unless revealed by the respondent and will be released as public information as part of the meeting.
  2. Our Mission:
    To work together to responsibly grow our community and to provide quality, cost-effective and efficient government services.
  3. Our Brand:
    Brand colors include navy, crimson, olive green and gold. Graphic elements include cattails and rivers. Font families have also been established to create a cohesive look on all print and web media.
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  5. Communication Tools:
    (For informational purposes only; do not select)
  6. Questions:
  7. What communications tool(s) is/are most effective for residents to receive City communications?*
    Select all that apply.
  8. How can the City best capture resident's interest when presenting information?*
    Select all that apply.
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