File of Life

In an emergency, time is critical. The File of Life program provides vital medical information to emergency personnel during a medical emergency.

 The program consists of a small red magnetic envelope hanging on your refrigerator's front door. Inside the envelope, you place the completed medical questionnaire. When emergency responders arrive at your home during a medical emergency, they will retrieve the questionnaire. Information provided in the questionnaire will help emergency responders assess and provide appropriate care.


We offer Emergency Responder Stickers and Emergency Responder Sticker Information forms along with the File of Life. You can request five types of stickers for an occupant who may:

  • have autism or have special needs
  • be deaf or hearing impaired
  • have Dementia or Alzheimer’s   
  • have a brain injury or PTSD
  • have diabetes

The Emergency Responder Stickers should be placed at the home’s entrance to alert Emergency Responders of a possible disability or medical emergency they may encounter at the residence. Emergency Responder Sticker Information Form should be completed and placed in the red File of Life envelope with the medical questionnaire.

emergency response

The Ramsey Police Department offers Ramsey residents free File of Life packets and Emergency Responder Stickers. The File of Life packet includes a magnetic envelope, a medical card, and a File of Life sticker. This sticker should be placed at the home's entrance (with the Emergency Responder Sticker if applicable) and will alert first responders that File of Life information is available. The packets and stickers can be obtained at the police department, 7550 Sunwood Dr NW, during business hours.

For more information, contact Officer Kyle Brotkowski by email or at 763-433-9891.

Medical Card PDF

Emergency Responder Sticker Form PDF