2023 Neighborhood Pavement Overlay Improvement, IP23-07

Construction Update

Updated May 12, 2023

On May 11, 2023, the City held a pre-construction meeting with North Valley, Inc., the Contractor constructing the improvements. The purpose of the pre-construction meeting is to review the Contractor’s proposed construction schedule, to share contact information, to review the status of permits, and discuss relevant construction related procedures, processes, and requirements. 

Project Schedule:

North Valley discussed the following main construction processes and preliminary schedule with the City:

Week    Process (duration)

June 5   Setup traffic control (1 day)

              Remove and replace spot curb and pedestrian ramps (10 – 15 days)

June 12 Grout storm sewer catch basins (3 – 5 days)

              Adjust casting and gate valve covers within the pavement (3 – 5 days)

              Pavement milling (3 days)

June 19 Topsoil and restoration of disturbed boulevards (1 – 3 days)

               Pave new bituminous (2 – 4 days)

               Saw and seal cracked concrete curb and gutter (2 – 3 days)

               Project clean-up (2 days)

These process timelines are estimates and some may overlap or expand.

Irrigation / invisible fences – The majority of work on this project will be limited to street surfaces though some work will occur within City right-of-way behind the curb where spot curb replacement, pedestrian ramp replacement and storm sewer catch basin work is needed. If you have a below ground irrigation system or invisible fence, please mark your pipes, wires, and/or sprinkler heads with flags or stakes to assist the Contractor in preventing or minimizing damage to your system during construction. Free flags are available at the Engineering Department in the Ramsey Municipal Center located on the 2nd floor. To help ensure that your system will not be damaged during this project, please relocate sprinkler heads and other system components located within the construction limits, which City Staff will locate for you upon request.

Access to Property – No road closures are anticipated, and access to properties will be maintained as best as practical during construction. There may be times when access will not be immediately available due to construction, such as when work is proceeding past a driveway, and during bituminous street patching.


For questions related to construction of the project, including special access needs or concerns, please contact Aaron Madsen, the City’s Senior Construction Inspector, at (763) 286-2579 or AMadsen@CityofRamsey.com.

For questions related to the project in general, please contact Joe Feriancek, Assistant City Engineer, at (763) 433-9893 or JFeriancek@CityofRamsey.com.

Project Update

Updated May 5, 2023

On April 25, 2023, the Ramsey City Council awarded the construction contract for this pavement overlay improvement project to North Valley, Inc. of Nowthen, Minnesota in the amount of $536,886.89. These improvements will be funded using a combination of Pavement Management Funds, Stormwater Utility Funds, and budgeted 2023 temporary pavement maintenance funds. Property owners will not be assessed for any portion of this project.

The scope of the project was amended to include spot milling and overlaying of Riverdale Drive, generally between Yakima Street and Roanoke Street. This spot repair work will be restrained to the drive lanes, in the areas observed to have several potholes. Budgeted 2023 temporary pavement maintenance funds will be used to pay for these additional improvements.

Staff is currently working with the Contractor to schedule the preconstruction meeting. During the preconstruction meeting, the Contractor will provide information to the city including contact information, detailed project schedule, methods of construction plans for traffic control, and other construction related information. This information will be shared in another project update following the meeting.

An update letter has been mailed to property owners with updates on the project status, it may be viewed here.

Updated March 30, 2023

On March 28, 2023, the Ramsey City Council approved plans and authorized advertisement for bids for Improvement Project #23-07. Bids will be advertised on Friday March 31, and again on Friday April 7, 2023 in the Anoka Union Herald and in Finance & Commerce. The City bids all improvement projects online through the Quest CDN website. The website will also make notice of the proposed project to contractors. Bids are proposed to be opened on April 21, 2023.

Updated March 1, 2023

A public information meeting will occur from 5:30-6:30 on Thursday, March 16, 2023, in the Lake Itasca Room at the Ramsey Municipal Center, 7550 Sunwood Drive NW. The purpose of this meeting is to present information on the proposed project to owners of properties that directly impact this project, which is proposed to be reconstructed in 2023. This letter may be seen here.


Updated Dec 16, 2022

City Improvement Project 23-07 proposes to mill and overlay five subdivisions within the City of Ramsey: Alpine Meadows, Highlands at River Park 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The project totals 1.83 miles in length, all proposed areas are urban sections including concrete curb and gutter with varying street widths. A summary of the street segments included in the project may be seen here.

On November 7, 2022, the Ramsey City Council accepted a proposal for a topographic survey of the project area from Bolton and Menk. Staff has received the survey, which is used during project design.

On December 13, 2022, the Ramsey City Council ordered Staff to prepare plans and specifications for Improvement Project 23-07, 2023 Neighborhood Pavement Overlay Improvements.

Project Scope

This project will include a 1-inch mill of the existing bituminous pavement, and placement of 1.5-inches of new bituminous pavement in the Alpine Meadows subdivision, due to the existing pavement thickness. The Highlands at River Park subdivisions are proposed to receive a 2-inch mill of the existing bituminous pavement, and placement of 2-inches new bituminous pavement. Minor storm sewer structure repairs, typically re-grouting the catch basins, is proposed to occur. Spot concrete curb and gutter repairs will be made, and any severe pavement distresses indicative of structural issues will receive a full pavement patch. Pedestrian ramps within the city-owned right of way and crossing the proposed streets or otherwise impacted by the mill and overlay improvements, will be brought up to current ADA compliance. Improvements to municipal sanitary sewer and water within the project area are not proposed. Structures within the pavement will be adjusted to match in properly with the new bituminous pavement. In the Alpine Meadows subdivision, the new pavement will be approximately ½ inch higher than existing.

Funding for this improvement is proposed to come from the Pavement Management Fund ($470,000) and Storm Sewer Utility Fund ($47,000) for a total estimated project cost of $517,000, as identified in the 2023 to 2032 Capital Improvement Program.

Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements. 


Staff encourages impacted residents to contact us with questions or input regarding this project. Please contact Assistant City Engineer Joe Feriancek by email jferiancek@cityoframsey.com or by phone at 763-433-9893.