Whispering Pines Estate Plat 3 St. Reconstruction, IP 23-10

Project Update

Updated February 28, 2023

A public information meeting will occur from 5:30-7:30 on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, in the Lake Itasca Room at the Ramsey Municipal Center, 7550 Sunwood Drive NW. The purpose of this meeting is to present information on the proposed projects to owners of the properties that are directly impacted by this project, which is proposed to be reconstructed in 2023. View the letter online.


Updated December 16, 2022

City Improvement Project 23-10 proposes to reconstruct the streets within the Whispering Pines Estates Plat 3 subdivision, generally located west of Armstrong Boulevard between 157th Lane and 158th Lane. The streets are 24 feet wide rural section, totaling approximately 1.72 miles in length. No municipal sanitary sewer or water exists in the project area, and utility extensions are not proposed. The existing drainage is through swales adjacent to the streets and crossing culverts. The neighborhood includes Whispering Pines North Park, which is a vacant low area servicing as ponding area for the subdivision. No improvements to the park have been proposed. View a summary of the streets included in the project.

On November 7, 2022, the Ramsey City Council accepted a proposal for a topographic survey of the project area from Bolton and Menk. Staff has received the survey, which is used during project design. At this same City Council meeting, a geotechnical report proposal from Haugo Geotechnical Services was accepted.

On December 13, 2022, the Ramsey City Council ordered Staff to prepare plans and specifications for Improvement Project 23-10, Whispering Pines Estates Plat 3 Street Reconstructions.

Project Scope

The 2023 – 2032 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) reflects a street reconstruction of the subdivision using the full-depth reclamation process. This project grinds the existing bituminous and aggregate base, creating a new recycled aggregate product used as the new aggregate base for the pavement. New pavement is placed over this, generally to the existing elevation and alignment of the pavement. If the geotechnical report shows good sub-base conditions, this project would also be ideal for a reclamation rehabilitation project, which is similar, but uses less bituminous pavement and matches into the existing ground and driveways at the existing elevations, as opposed to needing to go beyond the existing edge of pavement to blend in the improvements.

The project proposes to replace the existing street crossing culverts. In general, the existing drainage swales adjacent to the streets appear to be performing well, this will be explored further during project design and review of the topographic survey. If minimal stormwater runoff slopes are not being met, some grading of the swales may be necessary.

During project design, the feasibility of increasing the size of the 66-foot diameter cul-de-sac on the south end of Eland Street will be explored.

Funding for this improvement is proposed to come from the Pavement Management Fund ($968,800) and Storm Water Utility Fund ($96,880) for a total estimated project cost of $1,065,680, as identified in the 2023 to 2032 CIP.

Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements.


On November 14, 2022, residents impacted by the Whispering Pines Estates Plat 3 Street Reconstruction project were sent a project notification letter, including notice that a geotechnical crew will be performing soil borings and a survey crew will be performing a topographic survey in the area. View the letter online..


Staff encourages impacted residents to contact us with questions or input regarding this project. Please email Assistant City Engineer, Joe Feriancek, reach out by phone at 763-433-9893 with any questions.