Code Enforcement

The City's Planning Department has full-time Staff dedicated to maintaining the community's health, welfare, and public safety. The City of Ramsey seeks to keep Ramsey a great place to live, work, and play.

City staff takes all reasonable measures within the city's jurisdiction to prevent the establishment of activities that maintain or permit a condition that unreasonably annoys, injures, or endangers the health, morals, decency, safety, or public peace so that such activities do not affect the comfortable enjoyment of life or property. 

Community Service Officers in the Police Department and Planning staff in the Community Development Department collaborate on code enforcement cases. If you have a concern about a property in Ramsey, please feel free to email the Code Enforcement department or contact Zoning Code Enforcement Officer Craig Swalchick at 763-433-9840.

If you are still determining which department to contact concerning a violation, please refer to some examples of typical cases handled by each department. 

Community Service Officers (Police Department)

  • Violations at the time of the incident that need physical enforcement 
    • Animals at large
    • Animal bites
    • Noise complaints

Planning Staff (Community Development Department)

  • Nuisance Violations (Ramsey City Code Chapter 30)
    • Long grass or noxious growths over 8 inches
    • Vehicles parked on grass
    • Trash, refuse, or garbage accumulated on the property
  • Zoning Violations (Chapter 117) and Nuisance Violations when in tandem with Zoning Violation
    • Sheds used as a dwelling unit
  • Interpretation of City Code 
    • Clarification of permits needed for a project
  • Cases requiring permits (e.g. building permit, demolition permit, home occupation permit)
    • Work done on a property with a permit issued
    • Home businesses incompatible with a residential district