Building Permit COVID-19 Polices

Building Inspection Division Services During City of Ramsey State of Emergency

To protect the health, safety and welfare of City of Ramsey residents, contractors and Staff, the City of Ramsey has declared a temporary State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Gaps in Building Division Service may occur. However, Staff has modified procedures to keep gaps minimal as we retain our commitment to customer service.

Additionally, Governor Walz recently directed a Stay at Home Order through Executive Order 20-20. Construction Trades and Building Inspections have been classified as an essential service and will therefore continue during this Stay at Home Order. 

Building Inspection Division Services

For the past three (3) years, we have continually increased our capabilities to process online permit applications, conduct electronic plan review and offer online scheduling. Nearly 90% of our permit and development review is done remotely. To maintain service levels, we recommend using these online services.

Online Permit Applications

All permit applications can be submitted online at

Online Scheduling

The City of Ramsey is requesting that all inspection request be scheduled online. Requests for inspections made by phone will be delayed due to phone call volume. Online scheduling can be found at

All Other Building Inspection Division Requests and Questions

Please email us questions at If needed, you may call our Permits Hotline at 763-433-9850. Please do not call individual Staff’s Extensions. In order to respond to requests in the order they were received, all requests must be made to our main lines. 

Physical Copy Drop Off

Homeowners are still able to apply via paper application. All other Applications, especially new homes and all commercial/industrial must be submitted online under previous policies. If you do have material to submit to the City, please use our physical dropbox in our south parking lot at 7550 Sunwood Dr NW, accessed from Veteran’s Drive. Staff is checking these dropbox several times per day. For best service, please email us at in advance. 

Site Requirements for Inspections

The following requirements are now implemented in response to current emergency declarations. The City reserves the right to cancel inspections that are not in compliance with these emergency requirements. 

Social Distancing

Per Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), please refrain from initiating any contact with Staff and maintain six (6) feet of separation at any given time.

Inspection Access

When Staff arrives, they may ask if anyone they may come into contact with is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. If so, the inspection will be canceled and rescheduled. 

Be sure to have the approved plan and all project related documents accessible for the inspection. Prior to the scheduled inspection time, provide a clear path to the area/work that requires the inspection. Open all doors leading to the area and move any items away from the inspection location. Disinfect items that Staff may come into contact with. Staff may ask for additional access to areas that relate to the work that requires the inspection.


Make sure all animals are contained to eliminate contact when Staff visits for an inspection. If animals are not contained, Staff reserves the right to cancel the inspection and require rescheduling. 

Thank You!

The requirements outlined in this message are social interaction guidelines that are new to all of us due to the current pandemic. Building Inspection Staff appreciates your understanding in the precautions needed to promote the health, safety and welfare while providing services to the building community. In the event a homeowner, business owner or contractor has concerns about Staff entering a dwelling or work site, we will accommodate the concerns by rescheduling the inspection for a future date.