North Brook Meadows (Hunt Property)


The City has received an application from Landform on behalf of Lennar ("the Applicant") for a 77 lot residential subdivision at the property and identified as 03-32-25-34-0001 and 03-32-25-34-0002 (the "Subject Properties") . The proposal includes 80 foot wide lots. 

The approved preliminary plat shows 77 lots on the 40 acre piece of land. The proposed density is approximately 2.2 units per acre, which falls within the allowed density per City Zoning and the City's approved 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The preliminary plat did not require any variances, changes to City Code, or amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. 

The Preliminary Plat was approved by the Ramsey City Council on September 28, 2021.

The project also includes a comprehensive plan amendment to allow for lower densities which information can be found about here: 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update | Ramsey, MN  

Site Plan

North Brook Meadows Site Plan

Public Meetings

A public hearing notice for preliminary plat application was sent to properties within 700 feet of the Subject Property for the August 26, 2021 Planning Commission meeting. A Public Hearing was also held at the the September 28, 2021 City Council meeting where a motion was made to approve the preliminary plat.

Public hearing notices (March 2020 - Current)

Review the August 26, 2021 Planning Commission case here.

Review the September 14, 2021 City Council case here. 

Review the September 28, 2021 City Council case here.

Additional Information

Information on rezoning efforts in 2011 for the 2030 Comprehensive Plan here.

Informational Handout here.

Traffic Study from the Trott Brook North EAW (adjacent proposed development) here.

Infrastructure Study of Trott Brook North (adjacent proposed development) here.

Please contact Planning staff at (763) 433-9824 for questions.