Home Alone Safety Class

Children 8-10 years of age will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time. Help them understand how to prevent problems, handle real-life situations, and keep them safe.

We’ll discuss home safety, first aid, fire safety, basic phone skills/9-1-1, Internet and kitchen safety, healthy eating, and activities to do while home alone. Lunch is provided.

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Home Alone Guide for Parents

You may be considering having your child stay home alone for the first time and wondering how you will know if they are ready and if there are any laws that dictate when they can. Minnesota law does not provide a specific age a child must be to stay home alone; however, Minnesota Department of Human Services does give guidance to what they consider adequate and appropriate supervision. 

Home Alone Resources

Below is a list of resources that can help prepare your child to stay home alone and allow you, the parent or guardian, to make a more informed decision on when the right time is for you child.