Shoreland Areas

Per various Minnesota Statutes, some areas of Ramsey are located within Zoning Overlay District due to their proximity to shoreland and water body areas. For more information, please visit one of the links below. For questions, contact the Planning Division at 763-433-9824.

Mississippi River Shoreline Inventory

The City Council recently authorized the Anoka Conservation District to complete a shoreline inventory of the Mississippi River to look for areas of severe erosion and work to find new resources for homeowners experiencing erosion issues. The study has not yet been accepted by the City Council.

Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA)

Current Rule-Making Project - MRCCA

During the 2013 State of Minnesota Legislative Session, the Minnesota Legislature approved House File Number 1183 (Senate File Number 1051). This bill, known as the Omnibus Legacy Bill, included direction for the DNR to update standards for the Critical Area. A similar process was completed in 2009, however the process was not completed by the required deadline, and revised rules were not adopted. The Critical Area is an existing designation, and the City has previously adopted rules consistent with the existing Statute. This rule-making project will potentially update these existing rules. Visit the DNR Critical Area Rule-making Project Website. Please note: This project website has not yet been updated since the 2009 rule-making process. DNR Staff has noted that this website will be updated in the near future with current rule-making information. You may also read through the Summary of Public Input Regarding Rule-making Process (PDF).

Wild & Scenic Overlay

Shoreland Overlay