Invasive Species

About Invasive Species

An invasive species is any species that is introduced (non-native) to an area, whether purposefully or by accident, and does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to humans. It is important to note that not all non-native species are harmful thus not all introduced (non-native) species are considered invasive species.

A large number of plants have been introduced to different ecosystems over the years. Often times, invasive species have the ability to out compete the native plants for nutrients, water and sunlight due to a lack of natural predators. Without the checks and balances that evolve over time in an ecosystem, invasive species can colonize natural or disturbed areas. The loss of the native plants is a serious concern because they are the food source and habitat for our wildlife. The term invasive species does not only apply to vegetation; it is also used to describe certain insects, such as emerald ash borer, and pathogens, such as Dutch elm disease.

Invasive Species in Ramsey

The City of Ramsey unfortunately is now home to various invasive species. Following are the vegetative invasive species, grouped by plant type, known to exist in Ramsey:

Report Invasive Species

If you have questions about invasive species or think that you may have an invasive species on your property, you can contact the Senior Planner at 763-433-9817.