The Draw Summer Event Series

Concert Series 2021 Information

The City of Ramsey is delighted to host the 11th annual Concerts Series at The Draw. The outdoor concerts are a family friendly event series accompanied by supplemental programs such as Art in the Park, and concludes with the Trott Brook Benefit Bash. 

The Draw Summer Concert Series Flyer 2021

Updates to the Summer Concert Series


Seating and ticket information may change in response to the most up to date COVID-19 safety protocols. Please check back prior to the event to confirm best practices. The City of Ramsey plans to maintain 2020 protocol items such as reservations for the formal amphitheater and painted zone in the grass to space out groups. These numbers and zones will be adapted to the latest COVID-19 recommendations and may change throughout the concert series. 

The Concert Series will now be divided into three "seating zones". Tickets are required for seating within the amphitheater. Tickets are free and will be reservable to Ramsey residents on the Sunday prior to the event at 6pm. Seating in grassy areas surrounding the event will be first come first serve with mandatory social distancing. Masks are required when outside of designated seating. See images below for details on seating and tickets. 

Zone 1 (Pairs Amphitheater Seating): Open to Ramsey residents. This seating is for pairs of two from the same household. Please only reserve one ticket per pair.

Zone 2 (Family Amphitheater Seating): Open to Ramsey residents. Seating is for members of the same household. Please only reserve one ticket per family. 

Zone 3 (First Come First Serve Seating): Open to residents and non-residents. Spaces in these zones. Spaces are painted on grass. Only one household group per painted zone. Please refrain from moving between seats. No registration is necessary. 

Any unfilled spaces in Zone 1 and Zone 2 will be on a first come first serve basis, regardless of Ramsey residency. 

Concert Series Layout Zones


Please check back for registration information and links in late spring. 

Tickets are free and can be reserved by Ramsey residents the Sunday prior to the concert at 6pm. Tickets are ONLY needed for Zone 1 and Zone 2 within the amphitheater. No registration is necessary for Zone 3.


Participants are responsible for following the latest CDC guidelines in regards to COVID-19 prevention measures, such as social distancing, hand washing and appropriate gathering size. The city reserves the right to make changes to the seating structure above if these guidelines are not observed or as may be required by the Governor’s Executive Orders.


The Draw is located within The COR at:
7401 E Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

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