Ice Rinks

The City of Ramsey runs and maintains multiple skating rinks at Central Park. This park is home to two hockey rinks, one pleasure rink, and a warming house with a fireplace. Skate walkers are available for public use.

  1. Closure Rules
  2. Hours
  3. Reservations

Rinks will be closed if:

  • Temperatures are unseasonably warm, and the rinks have not been able to be flooded.
  • Temperatures are 10 degrees below zero (actual temperature, not wind chill) or more and expected to remain that way. Closure may occur due to other inclement weather factors.
  • Attendant may close if weather conditions are expected to remain extreme.

Closure Conditions

  • Freezing temperatures with frigid wind chills. (Generally, a closure in this example would be later in the evening or a weekday evening - not mornings where conditions are likely to improve, or the warming house may be expected to be used more during Christmas vacation or on weekends.)
  • Temperatures well above freezing. (Generally, a closure in this example would occur when water is standing over half the rink and temperatures are not expected to drop.

The Parks Supervisor will determine if the rinks are to be closed.