Utility Rates

  1. 2024 Utility Rates
  2. 2023 Utility Rates

2024 Utility Rates

Recycling Fees

  • Residential curb-side program fee $11.94 per quarter

Sewer Fees

  • Residential/single dwelling usage fee is $91.83 per quarter
  • Multi-family (apartment) and commercial usage fee is $91.83 up to 20,000 gallons
  • 20,001 gallons of water and above is $3.48 per 1000 gallons

Street Light Fees

Residential billing:

  • Priority street light rate per residential lot is $1.37 per quarter
  • Urban subdivision street light rate per lot is $9.01 per quarter
  • Rural subdivision is $14.85 per quarter

Storm Water Management Fees

  • Residential fee is $16.75 per quarter
  • Commercial based upon engineer's calculations is $66.99 per REU per quarter

Water Fees

  • Minimum usage (up to 15,000 gallons) fee per quarter is $49.90
  • Quarterly rate structure:
    • $3.42 per 1,000 for 15,001 to 25,000
    • $3.53 per 1,000 for 25,001 to 40,000
    • $3.78 per 1,000 for 40,001 to 60,000
    • $4.04 per 1,000 for 60,001 to 99,000
    • $4.47 per 1,000 for 99,001 to 201,000
    • $5.34 per 1,000 for 201,001 and above

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Assessment charge for unpaid items assessed administration fee is $35 per account
  • Penalty/late payment past due on current billing 10%

Online Utility Billing Account Access & Self-Pay Options 


PAYMENT PHONE LINE (toll-free): (844) 428-5626  


  • Access account 24/7  
  • Schedule future payments  
  • Enroll in Autopay 
  • Make one-time payments 
  • Pay by credit/debit card  
  • Sign up for eBills 
  • Setup email notifications 
  • Pay by eCheck (checking/savings) 
  • Pay by text message 
  • Pay by auto phone system 
  • Make partial payments   

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register for an online account? Do I need to re-register if I already have an account? 

You will need to re-register. You will receive an email notification if you are signed up for eBills, or you may access your account via the City’s website. Then, locate and view your account and enter payment information for a one-time payment or register to schedule a future payment. From here, you may also register for an account. 

Do I need to register to pay my bill online? 

No. You must register to receive electronic bills by email, but registration is not required for one-time payments. One-time payments require that you enter your payment information each time you make a payment.  

What are the benefits of registering for an account? 

By registering, you can access your account and all of the features of the payment portal 24/7. These features include the ability to view all invoices, view payment dates, update your profile, access the online customer service system, go paperless, schedule payments for a future date, and sign up for Auto-Pay. You also avoid having to enter your payment information each time you pay a bill.  

How does the “going paperless” process work? 

Going paperless is a two-step process. After receiving the paperless registration email, you must click the Confirm button in the email to complete the process. If you prefer not to go paperless, do not complete registration (by not clicking on the email). You will get one reminder email, but the paperless enrollment will be canceled if you don’t complete the registration at that time. You may also go to Paperless Options in your account profile and click “cancel registration.”  

How do I sign up for text notifications and pay my bill by text? 

To sign up for text notifications and pay by text, log in to your online account and choose to receive text notifications under your profile. 

What forms of payment can I use?

You can pay by credit or debit card (MC/Visa/Discover) or eCheck, or you may issue an electronic check from your bank account (“Bill Pay”).  You may also send in a paper check or pay by cash at the city hall counter.  

How do I make a payment online?

When you receive an email notification that your bill is ready to be paid (if you are signed up for eBills), click on the “View Invoice or Pay Now” button. Another option is to go directly to the city’s website and click the “Pay or View your Utility Bill” button. You will then be directed to the “Pay and/or View Bills Online” site.  

What are the costs of paying online? 

The City imposes no fees for this service. However, there may be fees imposed directly by your own bank or other vendor through other methods of payment that you may elect to use. 

When I try to pay my bill, it asks for credit card information and I want to pay by electronic check.

Under “How would you like to pay,” click on the drop-down box and choose EFT Check.  

How do I call in a payment by phone? 

To make a payment by phone, call our automated phone payment line toll-free at (844) 4285626. You may pay by credit or debit card or by eCheck. 

Can I use more than one payment method per transaction?

Yes, you may use one payment method for part of the transaction and another payment method for other parts of the transaction. Follow the payment instructions. 

How long does it take payments to process if I pay online? 

Credit card transactions typically take 48 hours to settle. An authorization is issued immediately; however, it takes 48 hours for the money to be moved. EFT transactions typically take 48 to 72 hours to settle.     

What is auto-pay? 

If you opt into auto-pay, your bills will be paid automatically on the due dates using your default bank account information. This will avoid late fees and free you from remembering when to pay. (Note:  We do not currently offer auto-pay via credit or debit card.) 

What is the difference between auto-pay and a scheduled payment?  

Auto-pay is an automated process that pays your balance in full on the due dates initiated by the City. Scheduled payments are manually entered by you for a date and an amount you choose.  

Can I cancel auto-pay?

Yes, go into your profile and uncheck the auto-pay box you had previously checked when you opted into auto-pay or call customer service at (763) 576-4343 to help you. 

I signed up for auto-pay but do not see any information under “My scheduled payments.”

The auto-pay date will not appear under scheduled payments. Scheduled payments are manually entered by you for an amount and date you choose. Auto-pay is initiated on the due date and will be debited from the checking or savings account you had previously provided.    

Can I schedule future payments and then also make changes to them?

Yes. You can set up a future payment before the bill due date and make changes as long as it is changed before the date it was scheduled to be paid. 

Who do I contact with questions about the online system? 

If you are still looking for the information you need, please call customer service at (763) 576-4343.