Hunting & Target Shooting

Ramsey City Code 20-19 regulates the discharge of firearms and bows within the city. 

  • All hunting and target shooting shall be conducted in compliance with Ramsey City Code 34-21 and the regulations of the State of Minnesota.
  • Written permission from the property owner shall be obtained prior to the discharge of a firearm or bow on the owner’s property by anyone other than the owner. 
  • Limited City of Ramsey park areas are available for hunting (view map for locations (PDF)).
  • Hunters must possess all applicable State of Minnesota hunting licenses, as well as a gun safety certificate if required by state statute.
  • The police department may revoke hunting privileges for persons found to be in violation of the related city ordinance or state law.

It is the person’s responsibility to be aware of, and discharge a weapon within accordance of, all applicable city ordinances, state and federal laws as well as any applicable state game and fish rules and/or regulations.