City Utilities System

The City of Ramsey's water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems are categorized as utility systems. These utility systems are the foundation of the City's infrastructure. It includes utility equipment such as the City's water distribution system (water mains, pipes, and towers) and its sanitary sewer and storm sewer pipes including ditches.

Maintaining this infrastructure is a continuous process as old and worn materials are replaced and new technology incorporated to ensure a high level of utility service at an economic cost.

Utility fees, not property taxes, cover the cost of maintaining. When City of Ramsey resident pays their utility bills, part of that money is used for ongoing repairs and updates to the respective utility system. All residents pay for the storm drainage utility, and only those residents who utilize City sanitary sewer and water pay for those respective utilities.

After Hours Utility Emergency Help

Please contact Anoka County Dispatch at 763.427.1212

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Sanitary Sewer System

Water System
Water Fill Stations

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