Public Works
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The Public Works area of responsibility covers almost 29 square miles. The primary objectives of the department include design construction and maintenance of streets, storm water management, municipal water and sewer management, parks and recreation maintenance, new housing and business infrastructure development, and facility maintenance. When managing these responsibilities, nothing is more important than proper planning. Living in a city where some level of continued growth is expected, a real emphasis is made on providing new and better services. Such services not only fit the needs of the current community, but also can be utilized when future requirements dictate expansion.


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  City of Ramsey, MN - Water Tower #3


Streets * Parks * Utilities * Snowplowing


  Public Works Staff     Facility Maintenance Staff
City of Ramsey Public Works Superintendent, Grant Riemer. Grant Riemer
Public Works Superintendent
Phone: 763.433.9863    
    Dan Bray
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: 763.433.9815
  Mark Riverblood
Parks & Assistant Public Works Superintendent
Phone: 763.433.9853

Don Meyenburg
Building Maintenance Worker
Phone: 763.576.4303

  John Nelson
Utilities Supervisor
Phone: 763.433.9861

Jeff Strelow
Building Maintenance Worker
Phone: 763.576.4303

  Mary Jo Warner
Public Works/Engineering Administrative Assistant
Phone: 763.433.9820