Free Cable Service for Viewing Local Public Access Channels

As part of the City of Ramsey current cable franchise with Comcast, all residents are eligible for a free tier of cable service known as “Universal PEG.”

The “Universal PEG” tier ONLY contains the City’s four (4) Public, Education and Government Channels. This tier does NOT include any local broadcast channels, or any additional cable television channels.

As part of Universal PEG service, Comcast will install one standard cable outlet and provide one digital transport adapter (DTA) to receive the four aforementioned channels. An A/B switch will also be provided in order to switch between the Universal PEG cable service and any over-the-air antenna service the resident already has.

To order the Universal PEG service contact Comcast customer service at 651.493.5900. For more information on the four channels available through Universal PEG please call Quad Cities Community Television at 763.427.1411.