Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for City Administration, Human Resources, and administrative support for general City operations. Services that are provided by Administration include employee recruitment, employee services, notarizing, election coordination, permit assistance, recordkeeping and general information, and providing website content. Staff members include the Human Resources Manager, City Clerk, and other support services staff.

Business Licensing Information

Performance Measures

Strategic Plan

City Hall
Phone: 763.427.1410

7550 Sunwood Drive Northwest
Ramsey, MN 55303 


Kurt Ulrich
City Administrator
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The City of Ramsey operates under a
Council-Administrator form of
government as a Charter City. The City
Administrator is responsible for
managing the day-to-day operations of
the City and for carrying out policies
adopted by the City Council.



Patrick Brama
Economic Development Manager
/Assistant City Administrator
Phone: 763.433.9868

Economic Development Manager Brama


Jo Thieling
City Clerk
Phone: 763.433.9840
Colleen Lasher
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 763.433.9867

Jason Fredrickson
Information Technology Manager
Phone: 763.433.9827

Nichole Wenberg
Public Information
and Events Specialist
Phone: 763.433.9831

Sue Hurd
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 763.433.9816

Calvin Kubat
IT Support Technician
Phone: 763.433.9829

Pam Miller
Phone: 763.433.9841
Katie Schmidt
Economic Development Administrative Assistant
Phone:  763.433.9842
Kathy Schmitz
Administrative Clerk
Phone:  763.433.9844