Jarvis Street Reconstruction,
City Improvement Project No. 15-20

Feasibility Report
A Feasibility Report was prepared for this project and may be viewed by clicking here.

Project Scope
The proposed improvements include grading, concrete curb and gutter, bituminous paving, drainage, and miscellaneous appurtenant improvements as needed to reconstruct Jarvis Street north of US Highway 10.
A map showing the segment of Jarvis Street to be reconstructed with this project can be viewed by clicking here.

Working Hours
Work on this project will be allowed during normal working hours Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Work Schedules
Once a preliminary work schedule is received from the contractor it will be posted on this web page. However, schedules are subject to change without notice due to adverse weather and/or other unforeseen conditions.

Access Restrictions
Access to all properties will be reasonably maintained at all times. While intermittent access restrictions may be required to allow work to progress in a reasonable manner, such restrictions should be of relatively short duration, typically on the order of several minutes to several hours at a time. Longer duration closures will be coodinated with property owners as far in advance of the closure as possible.

Construction Methods
The existing pavement will be reconstructed by first removing the existing bituminous pavement and class 5 aggregate base. Then, the existing subgrade will be corrected as necessary. However, if during construction it is determined that the subgrade soils are suitable enough to allow one or both street segments to be constructed by scarifying one or more feet of subgrade soils, this method will be utilized with concurrence from the geotechnical engineer or their representative.

Paving will be completed in two separate lifts upon acceptance of the aggregate base grading. It is anticipated that the final lift of the bituminous wear course will be placed in the same year as the bituminous base course, as long as the weather cooperates and no deep utilities work is required. If deep utilities are installed, the wear course will be left off until the following year to allow the soils under the street sufficient time to settle.

During construction of utilities, all castings for watermain valves, manholes, and catch basins will be removed and the structures will be covered with metal plates to prevent construction materials from dropping into these facilities.

This project is proposed to be funded using several funding sources including special assessments. The preliminary assessment program is described in more detail within the Feasibility Report.

General Notes
This web page will be updated as new information on this project becomes available.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in allowing this project to be completed in a safe and timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this work, or the contractor’s operations during construction, please contact City Engineer Bruce Westby at 763-433-9825 or bwestby@cityoframsey.com.