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2021 Business Expo Exhibitor Application

  1. 2021 Ramsey EDA Business Expo

    October 16, 2021  10:00 AM-2:00 PM 

    Adrenaline Sports Center
    8310 147th Lane NW
    Ramsey MN 55303

    Questions? Contact us at or call Wendy Schlueter at 763-433-9828.

  2. To Register as an Exhibitor:

    1. Review Expo Guidelines & Waiver Agreement.
    2. Complete MN ST19 Revenue form. Save & upload at the end of the registration form.
    3. Complete the application below.
    4. Submit payment (check or credit card, see details below).

  3. Registration Fees

    Ramsey Business = $50.00
    Ramsey Business + Electricity = $65.00
    Non-Ramsey Business = $75.00
    Non-Ramsey Business + Electricity = $90.00

  4. Business Type
  5. This will help us promote the event.
  6. I Agree*
  7. You may attach your completed ST19 form here.

  8. How to Pay with Credit Card:

    To pay by credit card over the phone, call Wendy Schlueter at 763-433-9828.

  9. How to Pay with Check:
    Mail check payable to:
    City of Ramsey
    Attn: EDA Business Expo
    7550 Sunwood Drive NW
    Ramsey, MN 55303
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