2021 Crack Seal Improvements IP 21-06

Construction Update

Update July 16, 2021

Update July 16, 2021

The City has scheduled a pre-construction meeting with the Contractor, Northwest Asphalt and Maintenance, for Monday, August 9, 2021. During the pre-construction meeting the Contractor will provide the City with information including; contact information, dates of upcoming project work, their anticipated hours and methods of construction, their traffic control plans, and other general construction information. We will update this webpage following the meeting with the proposed project schedule.

Background Information

Update April 14, 2021

On March 9, 2021, the Ramsey City Council accepted seven bids and awarded a contract for construction for Improvement Project #21-06, Crackseal Improvements, to the lowest responsible bidder, Northwest Asphalt and Maintenance, in the amount of $110,428.07. A pre-construction meeting will be conducted prior to the anticipated start of the project the week of August 8, 2021. 

The City will not be mailing notification letters out to the residents prior to the start of work. This is due to the nature of the work not causing significant impacts to properties or travel, and the impacts being only temporary. Residents can anticipate temporary no parking signs within 24 hours of the work commencing. 

The City is committed to working cooperatively with property owners and the general public to minimize concerns and impacts during construction. Please feel free to email Joe Feriancek or call at 763-433-9893 for any concerns for questions related to this project. This webpage will also be updated with new information as it becomes available. 

Updated January 27, 2021

Crack seal improvements are completed annually on between 13 and 23 miles of public street segments to cost-effectively maximize the life of the bituminous pavement. Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements.


Crack sealing protects pavement by preventing stormwater runoff from seeping through cracks in the pavement and joints between the pavement and concrete curb and gutter and utility castings, reducing future pavement damage due to wet subgrade soils, especially during freeze-thaw cycles. 

The City’s current pavement maintenance schedule calls for public streets to be crack sealed the third, seventh, and fourteenth year following construction, reconstruction, and overlay improvements. However, while this is the typical maintenance schedule it is important to note that Staff reviews the condition of all streets annually and adjusts the schedule of maintenance operations based on actual pavement conditions.

A total of 21.05 miles of public street segments are proposed to receive crack seal improvements in 2021. These street segments were selected based on age, pavement maintenance history, and Pavement and Surface Evaluation Rating (PASER) values. Crack seal improvements are typically performed on pavement sections with PASER ratings of 7 or higher. Staff also attempts to select street segments that are in relatively close proximity to each other in an attempt to receive lower bid prices for mobilization and traffic control bid items.


Click here to view plans for the 2021 crack seal improvements.


The 2021 crack seal improvements are anticipated to occur between mid-June and mid-August. The work itself generally takes two to three weeks to complete once the Contractor commits their crews to the project. Staff will update this project webpage as new information is made available. Letters will not be mailed to notify the public of the 2021 crack seal improvements since the work occurs quickly and has little to no impact on the traveling public or abutting properties.


Estimated project costs for the proposed 2021 crack seal improvements total $190,500. This includes 14% indirect costs for administrative, engineering, legal and financing. Based on available information, Staff anticipates bid prices for the 2021 crack seal improvements will be similar to 2020 crack seal bid prices. Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements.

If bids come in lower than $200,000, Staff will recommend completing a pavement rejuvenation project, similar to the project completed in Stanhope Terrace in 2020, in an attempt to spend all of the $200,000 budgeted for crack seal improvements on pavement maintenance improvements.  If bids come in higher than $200,000, Staff will recommend removing various street segments from the project to limit project costs to no more than $200,000. Either way, Staff will discuss their recommendations with Council on March 9th when bids are presented for consideration of awarding a contract.


Project schedule
January 26 – Approve Plans and Specifications / Authorize Ads for Bids
January 29, February 5 – Publish Ads for Bids
March 2 – Bid opening
March 9 – Accept Bids / Award Contract
Late May / early June – Begin construction
August 31st – Construction Completion


The 2021 Crack Seal Improvements will be funded from the $200,000 that is budgeted annually for crack seal improvements. 

The City Council has not yet approved the final project.