Business Licensing

Business licenses regulated by the City include Amusement Center, Massage Therapy, Massage Establishment, Peddler/Solicitor, Transient Merchant (includes Food Trucks), Pawnbroker, Secondhand Goods, Special Events, Tobacco sales, Liquor & Rental licenses.  

Ramsey businesses needing a new or renewal Business Registration Certificate (BRC), please go to the Business Registration Certificate page. Scroll down to view other licenses.

Apply for Business License

Business licenses and/or ID badges are issued upon application approval by City Council and completion of background check. The review and approval process may take up to 30 days (60-120 days for therapeutic massage licenses). Refer to City Code Chapter 26 - Licenses, Permits & Misc Business Regulations.

All renewal and select new business license applications are now submitted online.  Renewals require a code that was emailed to licensee. Click on Apply Here to begin.

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Solicitors traveling door-to-door must wear their City-issued badge at all times and carry their license certificate. Soliciting is allowed from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM per city ordinance. Solicitation is NOT ALLOWED until approved by City Council and ID badges are issued and may risk up to $250 fine and/or immediate denial of future applications. Contact us at 763-433-9828 or with any questions.

Business License Ordinance

The City of Ramsey has established a uniform system for the issuance, revocation, suspension, and renewal of licenses for all activities for which licenses are required by City Code. It is unlawful to engage in a trade, profession, business, or privilege in the city for which a license is required without first obtaining a license from the City in the manner provided in this section.

A licensee must carry the city-issued license certificate or ID badge at all times while engaged in the activity for which the license was granted. Where the licensed activity is conducted at a fixed place of business or establishment, the certificate must be exhibited at all times in some conspicuous place on the licensed premises. The licensee must present the license certificate upon request to any police officer or authorized representative of the city. Licenses are not transferable.

License Forms

For a list of current licensees, visit the Resource Directory

Liquor License Applications

Temporary On-Sale Intoxicating License
Complete MN Alcohol & Gambling (AGE) Temporary On-Sale Intoxicating form and return to City of Ramsey or scan and email at least 30 business days before event along with a copy of certificate of liability insurance. The City will process the application, City Council needs to approve and then it will be submitted to the State on behalf of applicant. Refer to MN Statute 340A.404 Subd. 10 for requirements. NOTE: Per state statute, the temporary on-sale intoxicating license is limited to 12 days per year within a 12 month period. Each event must be at least 30 days apart.

New On-Sale, Off-Sale, 3.2 Liquor, Wine Intoxicating Licenses
Applicants need to complete a City of Ramsey Liquor License Application. A $500 non-refundable investigation fee and license fee must accompany submitted application.

City of Ramsey Liquor License Application
Checklist for New Liquor Establishments
All MN AGED Application Forms
Liquor License Fees
Optional 2AM Closing License Application

Food Based Businesses

For questions regarding licensing a new food-based business, contact MN Department of Agriculture or Anoka County Environmental Services. Anoka County licenses and inspects food service establishments. MDA regulates grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, meat processing, and candy-making businesses.


For questions regarding lawful gambling (raffle, pull tabs, etc), view City Code Article V or contact Diana Lund at 763-433-9847.

Home Based Businesses

Ramsey residents with a home-based business require a home occupation permit.
Home Occupation Permit Application (PDF). Questions may be directed to Brian McCann at

Rental Licenses

Ramsey residents use this application when renting out your home.
Rental Licensing Application (PDF). Questions may be directed to Nicole Laubach at

Contractor Licenses

To apply for a contractor's license in the City of Ramsey, visit the Contractor License page.

Business Registration (New & Current)

Business Registration Certificate Renewals for 2022 are expected to be mailed out in January of 2022. If you don’t receive your Business Registration Certificate Renewal by February 1st, 2022, then please contact Jennifer Johnson at 763-433-9889.

The City of Ramsey requires that every business obtain a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) annually in order to operate in the City. Visit the Business Registration page for details & application form. The BRC is processed and maintained by the Ramsey Police department and routed to appropriate staff for review  related to licensing, zoning, safety, health regulations, and permits. BRC's are renewed annually in January. Contact Jennifer Johnson at 763-433-9889 with any questions.